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Our Services

Our clinical research journey began as a small one with a focus on Phase III & Device OB/GYN clinical trials. 

Many women today utilize their OBGYN as a primary care physician. Although there are limitations to what an OBGYN can treat, typically they handle annual check-ups, preventative care referrals (colonoscopies, bloodwork, etc.), and uncomplicated, common illnesses. 

This has put our research clinic in a very unique position to participate in Vaccine, Internal Medicine, Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Precision Medicine Studies within our walls. 

When we are approached for research studies that require a different kind of specialty, we reach out to the physicians in our community and request their assistance when we feel the study is important, and worth pursuing. We provide the support of our staff, resources, and create a strong foundation for the study to succeed. 

*Dedicated, Experienced Investigators

*Meticulous, Experienced Study Coordinators

*Unblinded PharmD Available by Request

*Electronic Informed Consent

*Electronic Patient Diaries/ePRO

*Detailed Source Document Creation

*eSource Capability

*eRegulatory Capability

*Large Database of Potential Patients

*Remote Monitoring Visit Capability

*Clinical Trial Management System (RealTime)

*Compliance with ICH GCP E6(R2) Guidelines

*Standard Operating Procedures

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