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Interventional Studies

These studies focus on investigational medications, vaccines, and biologics.

Device Studies

These studies consist of things like investigational laboratory tests, durable medical equipment, or implantable devices like contraceptive implants, intrauterine devices, etc.

Observational Studies

These studies are done for drugs/devices/therapies that have already obtained FDA approval., but are continuing to be monitored for safety. 

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Dedicated Research Site in Panama City, Florida

Founded by Dr. Samuel Wolf in 2019. and began with a focus on women's health. Since then, we have partnered with physicians in numerous specialties to be able to provide a range wide of studies to our community.

Variety of Specialists in Our Network

Women's Health, Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Radiation Oncology, Internal Medicine, and growing every day!

If you are a medical professional and are interested in participating in research, contact us today!

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